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So long, and thanks for all the fish

Bring it!! Ask me anything~   I'm a 25 year old female from North Carolina.

I'm only here for the Ladies and the drinks... Also the lolitas, pretty clothes and cute cat gifs. This tumblr is proof of that. I'm a raver, I like to hoop dance, play video games and crochet and sew. My favorite bands are Late Night Alumni, Stars, Dir en grey, Kaskade, The Ditty Bops, and Perfume. I'm studying to be a cosmetologist.

If you have a problem with women who stand up for themselves, the occasionally 420 friendly post, lgbtq+ rights, and fetish elements (nothing too extreme, I promise ♥) do us both a favor and please don't bother me. Real talk.

My art. ♥
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Just submitted an application for my first non artist alley vendor spot for a vintage/handmade show in Charlotte.

They said they were looking for ‘niche’ vendors and I guess I fit into that so I hope that gives me a better chance. I’m so nervous. >_<

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So I ended up just ordering wings and fries from Pizza Hut, cracking open my bottle of Red Stag and now I’m in the middle of crocheting some bows.

I also just found out that there’s a pole dancing class tomorrow and I’m really considering going… but I’ve also been spending lots of money lately so idk. :/ I’ll try to do it my next paycheck, I guess. meh.

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Let’s talk about love and distance and jealousy and phone sex.

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I really wanna go out tonight or at least go get a bite to eat but I also don’t want to directly ask the people I want to hangout with if they want to hangout because I feel like they want nothing to do with me. The struggle is real.

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Just reserved a room for EDC Orlando. Haven’t bought tickets yet because its still up in the air at the moment but just in case I find people to go with even if its last minute at least I have a room for us. XD;; I like to be prepared for all situations.

Its also not the hotel I want to stay at really - I wanted the Aloft. But its pretty expensive! I might change it depending on situations because it’ll be my birthday weekend and I should get what I want lol but we’ll see.

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Man. It really is great having a job that I actually like. I’m waiting for something to happen though because I’m enjoying it way too much and I’m not used to good things happening. >_<

My boss is pretty cool and chill. I gave her the heads up for an upcoming craft/vintage show coming up in November because applications had just opened and mentioned I might also apply for it also with my handmade things. She got excited and said if we both get chosen we should have our booths side by side. She also let us go home a bit earlier on Friday because she wanted to play Minecraft. lmao.

But yeah. I honestly can not wait to get paid because I’m thinking about getting me a new hoop, my first pair of gloves, and maybe going on a date of sorts… who knows. :3 And all the shows I can go to now omg!! Zeds Dead and Dillon Francis are coming to Charlotte soon and I’ve been really wanting to see them for the longest. And EDCO or one day at Tomorrowworld aren’t ideas that are completely ridiculous now that I have a job as long as I save up and can find peeps to go with. So I’m hype about that! But I’m trying not to get my hopes up >_<

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That moment when for reference a couple of days later you go back to read a text convo you had while drunk and realize that the person you were texting was in fact actually coming on to you and it went over your head. And because of you being drunk you replied in a way that was completely stupid. Thanks tequila. XD

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So my first day at my new job was today. For those who don’t know I just got a full time job as a seamstress for a local Etsy shop that’s expanding. It was just training and orientation type stuff today. I started with two other girls - one is apparently into raves and even hoops (but is constantly talking about something, especially her kid lmao) and the other I feel kinda bad for her because she really doesn’t know how to sew. xD;;

But its really awesome to head to work and know I’ll be getting paid to do something I’m really good at, something I actually legit enjoy doing. Its completely different from working retail or with customers directly which honestly I dread doing. People are douche bags and I can only take so much with my anxiety tbh. ^^;; And I mentioned randomly I’m not particularly a morning person and the owner told me after a while she’ll give us the option to come in around 11 instead of 9 in the morning which made me want to cry with joy. lmao

I’m so excited for tomorrow. >_<

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I have waaaaay too many bookmarks on here. So if you notice me reblogging really old posts I promise I’m not creepin, I’m just going back on my old dashboard bookmarks from like up to 10 months ago. :V

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Pride weekend!

So hype. All this shit going on in the news and the world has got me stressed and anxious so I need to blow off some steam. Goals for this weekend:

  • Get drunk
  • Be queer as fuck
  • Be proud
  • Wear lots of rainbows
  • Get day drunk some more, maybe smoke some why not
  • Hoop my heart out
  • See some drag queens
  • Run into/try to avoid my ex-girlfriend and her girl because that literally happens every year lmao

I’m really going to try and make it to L4 tonight (there’s apparently a hula hoop contest plus its a lesbian club and I haven’t been to one in my life) and I’m trying go to Scorpios sometime this weekend because there is no pride weekend without Scorpios. But I will be at Pride both days and the parade. My dad is suppose to be giving me money for the weekend so lets see if he’ll follow through.

Anyone who wants to hang out hit me up or if you see me say hey! I will be wearing a black crop top with flowers on it and carrying way too many hoops on Saturday. I also have, like, more than half my head shaved and I’m kawaii as fuck so you won’t miss me. lmao :3

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