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So long, and thanks for all the fish

Bring it!! Ask me anything~   I'm a 25 year old female from North Carolina.

I'm only here for the Ladies and the drinks... Also the lolitas, pretty clothes and cute cat gifs. This tumblr is proof of that. I'm a raver, I like to hoop dance, play video games and crochet and sew. My favorite bands are Late Night Alumni, Stars, Dir en grey, Kaskade, The Ditty Bops, and Perfume. I'm studying to be a cosmetologist.

If you have a problem with women who stand up for themselves, the occasionally 420 friendly post, lgbtq+ rights, and fetish elements (nothing too extreme, I promise ♥) do us both a favor and please don't bother me. Real talk.

My art. ♥
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On a better note though — I spun fire for the first time this past Sunday. It was amazing. The sound, how warm it was… Like after that I felt like I could do anything! I couldn’t stop smiling while I was doing it I was so hype.

The news I got today however knocked me back straight to earth. Thanks for that, Universe. :P

I want to do it again. And I think that if I can save up and get my own wicks or a fire hoop I could probably put myself out there more as a performer because, you know, bitches love fire performers.

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OK, I just started my nsfw blog…

Just as a disclaimer I’m not so hot on explicit, flat out porn shit as I’m more into the tease of things… so it’ll be lots of reblogging of that. Not that I won’t post stuff like that. And fetish/kink. And lingerie. Maybe some personal stuff since I plan on acquiring a shit ton of thigh highs soon who knows ;D

If you want the link let me know (by liking this post, replying or shooting me a pm) and I’ll send it to you. <3

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So I saw their booth at Pride this year and stopped for a flyer. I’ve been thinking about it for some time now but I think I might go to an ace meeting this week. I just found out they have one coming up on the 11th… so I think I’m gonna pay it a visit if I can manage to get up for it. hahah

A lot of my rl friends don’t know this about me but I sort of identify as demisexual or grey-a. I mentioned asexuality to one or two of them not referring to me but none of them could comprehend the concept. :v I don’t get how but meh. :/ So if I go I’ll be going alone. And I guess that’ll be for the best - I won’t have someone to hide behind and maybe I’ll feel more comfortable talking..? Maybe I’ll make some friends that way! I just want more info on it so I can understand it a bit more.

Anyway, I’m nervous just thinking about it. My life has been changing a lot the past few months - three of my close friends are/have moved away, I just started this new job, I’m becoming more independent (or at least attempting to lol). I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone lately so why not keep going with it. lol

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Someone tell me why the fuck I’m borderline tipsy after drinking half of those tiny bud light margarita cans. I’m getting soft, guys omg T_T

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I’ve been feeling off lately but I finally got this trick down! Now if I can get it behind the back… lol

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I suddenly have the urge to make a cat fanny pack/hip bag… seriously considering taking a quick trip to walmart for supplies at this very moment.

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So I got my tickets for Zeds Dead this morning (although they decided to randomly bump up the price like 10 bucks since yesterday. wtf. I hate Label :V) but now I’m really not so sure if I’ll have anyone to go with.

The person I normally go to shows with probably isn’t going to go. And I know two guys who are going but thanks to social anxiety I’m too afraid to ask them if I can ride with them. Well I kinda did ask them but idk. :/

Looks like I’ll be going by myself..? Which sucks because I really wanted to pregame and relax from this week. Work has been rough. ugh. I wish I was cool so people wanted to hang out with me. I’ve never gone to something like this alone so I’m nervous. But I don’t want to waste my ticket and I’ve been REALLY wanting to see them. :c

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thepsuedosatanist asked: You're tokophobic?! Sorry if this seems weird it's just that I am too and it's really rare that I ever see anyone even know what it means let alone actually have it...



I’ve known a couple people with it. I don’t think it’s all too rare :P I just think a lot of people don’t know what to call it, what it is or maybe don’t want to talk about it.

FUN FACT: Emilie Autumn also has tokophobia 

I have it. Also the sight of most pregnant bellies - especially bare - gross me out. :/

It sucks because I know that if I end up with someone there is a biiiig chance they’ll want me to bear their child or if I end up with another woman if she wants to have a child herself I would not be able to deal with it. :c I don’t talk about it much to people because I know they’ll just say ‘oh, you’ll get over it once you meet the right person’ or ‘you’re still young - you’ll change your mind(although I’m nearly 26 and I’ve known I didn’t want children since I was very young)’ and stuff like that and I don’t want to hear it. I’ve kinda given up on finding someone and getting married because of it as well. It sucks.

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So the gig went pretty well! I hooped on and off for about 3-4 hours and scored some pretty awesome clothes in the process. She had me in front of the store on the sidewalk to get more customers in. It actually worked too because a few people that walked in said they saw me and just decided to stop in to look! So I did my job, I guess. hahah

I think she expected me to stop around 6 because the last time I went out to hoop (shortly after 6) she was surprised. lol I kiiiinda wish I did stop though because that time some creeper came up to me and carried on a convo for like 5-10 minutes and at first it ok but then it quickly got very awkward and… ugh. Let’s just say he started a sentence with ‘now I know some girls can’t take compliments and I don’t mean this to be disrespectful or anything but…’


He also pulled out a blunt which would’ve been ok if we weren’t on the fucking sidewalk on a busy street. o_o It was a hot mess. I’ll gladly go into detail if you guys want to hear how much of a train wreck it really was. lmao

But other than that I got lots of compliments on my hooping, honks and cheers and a girl at the shop beside the one I was working for came out and started hooping with me for a bit! She was actually pretty good, too. xD And the little girls watching me cheesing mad hard was adorable, too. :3

The woman who hired me told me if I wasn’t free tomorrow to come out to another event she was doing and hoop if I’d like and I was totally down but my car is acting funny so idk if I’d be able to make that. :c But still it was a great opportunity and its nice getting out doing things like this on my own.

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I might not be going to Tomorrowworld this weekend but…

I did just get a small little hooping gig for this Saturday! I’m not getting paid money BUT the person who I’m doing it for has her own vintage store/shop and says I can pick out whatever when I get there and I am alllll about getting awesome clothes in exchange for hooping for a couple of hours and I hope she has some tacky cat stuff! I had a really good feeling about this weekend. Gotta get some practice in in the next few days. :D

What do you wear to something like this, though? Hmmm…

Also next paycheck I’m getting my ticket for Zed’s Dead on the 3rd! idk who I’m going with but I’ve been wanting to see them forever so I gotta make it happen. o_o

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