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So long, and thanks for all the fish

Bring it!! Ask me anything~   I'm a 25 year old female from North Carolina.

I'm only here for the Ladies and the drinks... Also the lolitas, pretty clothes and cute cat gifs. This tumblr is proof of that. I'm a raver, I like to hoop dance, play video games and crochet and sew. My favorite bands are Late Night Alumni, Stars, Dir en grey, Kaskade, The Ditty Bops, and Perfume. I'm studying to be a cosmetologist.

If you have a problem with women who stand up for themselves, the occasionally 420 friendly post, lgbtq+ rights, and fetish elements (nothing too extreme, I promise ♥) do us both a favor and please don't bother me. Real talk.

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when you want to look cute but don’t want to be harassed by men #justgirlythings

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are you ever looking at weird stuff on the internet and ur paranoid its going to end up on facebook somehow because facebook is connected to like everything

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I really wanna go out tonight or at least go get a bite to eat but I also don’t want to directly ask the people I want to hangout with if they want to hangout because I feel like they want nothing to do with me. The struggle is real.

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Adulthood doesn’t mean you stop drinking juice pouches and eating fruit snacks. It means buying your own. 

and mixing them with vodka

At 3 in the morning while marathoning your favorite show because nobody can tell you to go to bed.

And then regretting your decisions the next morning.

Because you have to work.

and make more money to buy fruit snacks and juice pouches.

and vodka

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That moment when for reference a couple of days later you go back to read a text convo you had while drunk and realize that the person you were texting was in fact actually coming on to you and it went over your head. And because of you being drunk you replied in a way that was completely stupid. Thanks tequila. XD

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do i have a crush on you or am i just lonely

do i like you or do i like that you like me

do I like you or do I like the idea of you

do i want to be in a relationship or do i just want to prove that i’m worthy of one

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the worst part about periods is like 

the betrayal


i wash you, vagina

i buy you nice toys

i even give you a hair cut sometimes

and you gon do me like this, vagina?

you gon do me like this BITCH PANTIES DON’T GROW ON TREES

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when u see people having fun and you want to join but ur just like


I relate to this so hard it’s upsetting me

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"I’m becoming more silent these days. I’m speaking less and less in public. But my eyes, god damn, my eyes see everything."
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