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So long, and thanks for all the fish

Bring it!! Ask me anything~   I'm a 25 year old female from North Carolina.

I'm only here for the Ladies and the drinks... Also the lolitas, pretty clothes and cute cat gifs. This tumblr is proof of that. I'm a raver, I like to hoop dance, play video games and crochet and sew. My favorite bands are Late Night Alumni, Stars, Dir en grey, Kaskade, The Ditty Bops, and Perfume. I'm studying to be a cosmetologist.

If you have a problem with women who stand up for themselves, the occasionally 420 friendly post, lgbtq+ rights, and fetish elements (nothing too extreme, I promise ♥) do us both a favor and please don't bother me. Real talk.

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Earlier this month the Centre for Gender Advocacyhosted a celebration for the completion of a public mural commissioned by Missing Justice. The mural, located on the wall of the anarchist bookstore L’insoumise in Montreal, stands as a public statement to denounce violence against all indigenous women, and demand and demand attention to honoring the lives and spirits of those who have gone missing or been found murdered. Two hoop dancers share something beautiful and powerful in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. View full size & like/comment on

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Carefree Black Girls Cabinet




Vice President 


Secretary of State


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff




Director of Homeland Security 


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"hairless cats are disgusting!"

"hairy women are disgusting!" 


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Every time I see Jennifer Lawrence on my dash I roll my eyes because she seems like such a try hard. Always trying to seem “funny” and “quirky” and “lol so relatable”. Just seems so fake to me, even her wardrobe “malfunctions” and “accidental” falling. It seems all strategically done and a created persona like Zooey Deshanel.

There are many female actresses who simply are funny and quirky and relatable without it seeming so put on like Rebel Wilson, Aubrey Plaza, Ellen Degeneres, Mindy Kaling, Nicki Minaj, Emma Stone ect, ect. 


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